The course „WoMenventures“ won’t take place in summer term 2020 due to Covid-19.
Master students in Information Systems at Freie Universität Berlin can instead take the course Entrepreneurship Education (more information can be found in the university’s course catalog).


Female entrepreneurship is on the rise and contributes considerably to a wide diversity of (digital) products and services within startup ecosystems worldwide. The “WoMenventures” seminar builds upon this potential and highlights a woman’s perspective on venture creation processes. The aim is to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among students (BA, MA) and scientists (PhD, Postdoc) interested in learning about the contribution of women’s (digital) entrepreneurship within the Berlin startup ecosystem.

To this end, all participants work in interdisciplinary teams on their own ideas in order to reflect on the opportunities and challenges of implementing innovative values in a practical way. Experienced female entrepreneurs actively support the teams and provide input on various topics, such as value creation, pitching, a lean startup model, marketing and financing of their own companies.

The seminar is designed in a flexible, inverted-classroom format and divided into three phases:

Summer Term 2020
Hello Diversity! Hack 24 April
Online Class 01 June–02 August
Summer School 03 August–07 August
Examination August 2020 (for ECTS)


It is possible to obtain 5 to 6 ECTS credits for your participation, but the requirements vary depending on your subject area and degree program. For more information, please contact Prof. Dr. Janina Sundermeier.


We look forward to receiving your application for the „WoMenventures“ course. An important prerequisite for participation is attendance in both the Online Class and the Summer School. Taking part in the written examination is only necessary if you wish to receive ECTS credits for this course.

To apply for this course, please download the registration form. Please send the completed form by email to Prof. Dr. Janina Sundermeier by May 9th, 2020.