We hope that we could provide you with a lot of useful information about our class, but coming from a scientific background we totally understand if you have questions. If there is anything you can’t find in our FAQ please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who can participate in this class?

This course is open to all students (BA, MA) and scientists (PhD, Postdoc) who are interested in learning about the contribution of women’s (digital) entrepreneurship within the Berlin startup ecosystem. All genders are welcome!

Will there be mandatory attendance?

Yes, your attendance in both the Online Class and the Startup Days is mandatory and an important prerequisite for participation.

Is it possible to obtain ECTS for this class?

Taking part in the written examination is only necessary if you wish to receive ECTS credits for this course. It is possible to obtain 5 to 6 ECTS credits for your participation, but the requirements vary depending on your subject area and degree program. For more information, please contact Janina Sundermeier.